Set up by award-winning international public speaker and drama coach Edmund Chow, this blog gives strategies and tips for leaders and speakers interested in honing the craft of impactful public speaking and powerful presentations on stage and on screen.

Edmund Chow Headshot

Edmund has appeared live on primetime TV on Channel News Asia, and has clinched top awards in international speaking circuits. As a theatre practitioner and educator, his specialisation in drama has helped clients achieve maximum success in overcoming the fears of public speaking in the shortest possible time. His creative approaches also allow clients to spontaneously craft a speech within minutes – without a script.

From academic to personal development topics, or from storytelling to audience engagement, Edmund Chow is the most prolific professional at his craft.

Here are a few testimonials from his students from a drama-based public speaking and storytelling masterclass.




This is another testimonial from his private coaching client, Adrian N. Havelock, from Trinidad who is a top sales trainer in his industry. Adrian wanted to incorporate storytelling in his sales training and has since found his own personal, yet very powerful, story.



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Ed Chow has been an arts educator for more than 15 years. He is a doctoral researcher and a published author. He is currently based in Manchester, UK, and is scheduled to complete his Ph.D this year.

Website: www.edmundchow.com


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