Tapping Into Metaphors

One great tip that speakers know how to efficiently and effectively use is the judicious utilisation of everyday metaphors. Let’s see how speakers have used the car, for example, to bring home a learning point:

(a) a vehicle to get you from Point A in your life to Point B (desired goals);
(b) are you driving in circles? do you have a map, or a satellite navigation device?
(c) is your car running out of fuel?
(d) who is in the driver’s seat? you or someone else?

Brass Tap

Try to visualise the metaphor and break down all the attributes and characteristics. Be inventive. I have not seen someone talk about servicing the car, or sending it for maintenance checks, or having road taxes paid, or getting the authorities to approve it, or having a manual vs automatic gear stick. What about a car with a sunroof? Or the passengers with and without a seatbelt? Or a traffic fine? There are many ways of using metaphors, and the more creative you are, the more memorable your speech will be in your audience’s ears.

Turn on the tap to your imagination now.


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